Vechery Scholarship

Dr. Stan Gaede with Dottie Vechery

Thirteen Scholarships Awarded Annually

The Christian College Consortium provides 13 scholarship awards annually—one to each of the 13 member institutions—to assist seniors demonstrating need to complete their education, and to reward academic achievement, leadership and character.


Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Vechery shared the financial blessings God had given them to help relieve financial pressures faced by students, in particular seniors, who choose a private Christian liberal arts education.

Frederic Vechery, a man of great integrity, passed away October 30, 2004.  A CPA and inspector in the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, Mr. Vechery invested in property in Maryland and Virginia.  He and Dorothy, his wife of 30 years, became acquainted with the Christian College Consortium when their grandson was a student at Asbury College (now Asbury University).  And so they created an endowed scholarship fund from which annual awards are provided to one student at each of the 13 Consortium member institutions.  2018-19 awards total $7,000 per student. Until the end Mrs. Vechery, who died February 27, 2018, greatly relished the thank-you notes and photos of “her” scholarship recipients.

Selection of Recipients

Financial aid officers of Consortium schools oversee the selection process for their institution.  Materials are sent by the Consortium in the fall; selections are made in the spring for the following academic year.  The applicant and financial aid officer are notified of the final selection by the Christian College Consortium office.

Vechery Scholarship Recipients
  • Recipients for 2020-21

    Congratulations to the latest recipients!

    Asbury University – Johnathon G. Alsbrooks

    Bethel University – Noah C. Leinen

    George Fox University – Nathan W. Leid

    Gordon College – Mackenzie L. Willard

    Greenville University – Ashleigh R. Brubaker

    Houghton College – Elizabeth J. Stone

    Malone University – Stephen M. Rose

    Messiah College – Renee A. Siegrist

    Seattle Pacific University – Isabelle A. Mills

    Taylor University – A. Joel Williamson

    Trinity Int’l University – Lauren M. Sayler

    Westmont College – Annelise H. Daley

    Wheaton College – Katherine A. Lauderdale

    Asbury University – William C.J. Norris

    Bethel University – Bobbie Jo A. Chapkin

    George Fox University – Evan M. Engstrom

    Gordon College – Walker M. Tuttle

    Greenville University – Kaitlyn N. Mathews

    Houghton College – Marc E. Alfonce

    Malone University – Emma M. Hayward

    Messiah College – Sarah N. O’Donnell

    Seattle Pacific University – Laura Y. Shigeta

    Taylor University – Madisyn G. Williams

    Trinity Int’l University – Rebecca L. Mundt

    Westmont College – Delaney M. Balza

    Wheaton College – Philip E. Kwong

    Asbury University – Olivia H. Vinson

    Bethel University – Timothy J. Rockford

    George Fox University – Jared D. Quintanilla

    Gordon College – Rebekah Kim

    Greenville University – Sydney P. Porter

    Houghton College – Natalie J. Meise

    Malone University – Dominick D. Batchi

    Messiah College – Austin R. White

    Seattle Pacific University – Alexander D. McCracken

    Taylor University – Rebecca D. Williamson (fall); Irini Romeos (spring)

    Trinity Int’l University – Kaitlyn D. Dolatowski

    Westmont College – Lucas E. Vieira

    Wheaton College – Madeleine K. Ruch

    Asbury University – Joshua S. Becht

    Bethel University – Kirsten I. Carlson

    George Fox University – Johnny R. Walker

    Gordon College – Rebecca Minasian

    Greenville University – Jessica M. Ulrich

    Houghton College – DoHoon Kim

    Malone University – Katherine M. Boor

    Messiah College – Paula J. Holtzinger

    Seattle Pacific University – Joshua R. Willett

    Taylor University – Alphonse J. Mosse

    Trinity Int’l University – Rebecca J. Thomas

    Westmont College – Elena White

    Wheaton College – Micah A. Bolden

    Asbury University – Ariane R. Arquisola

    Bethel University – Brock S. Baumgarn FA; Emma L. Martin SP

    George Fox University – Jessica K. Giddings

    Gordon College – Courtney A. Page

    Greenville College – Kyle E. Freeze

    Houghton College – Elizabeth G. Chedester

    Malone University – Ruth M. Clifford

    Messiah College – Rebecca C. Querfeld

    Seattle Pacific University – Joshua C. Newell

    Taylor University – Austin E. MacKay

    Trinity Int’l University – Fabio G. Fernandez

    Westmont College – Elijah C. Veluzat

    Wheaton College – Caris E. Chun

    Asbury University – Nathan P. Sharp

    Bethel University – Lucy Lee

    George Fox University – Heather R. Harney

    Gordon College – Hannah H. Kappler

    Greenville College – Justin D. Mulholland

    Houghton College – Julianna M. Evans

    Malone University – Seth R. Watson

    Messiah College – Angela R. Lowe

    Seattle Pacific University – Jeremy D. Kidd

    Taylor University – Andrea L. Sanders

    Trinity Int’l University – Kaitlyn M. Stoneman

    Westmont College – MacKenzie J. Ellis

    Wheaton College – Shin D. Lee

    Asbury University – Kristina F. Conner

    Bethel University – Lorrie L. Klutse

    George Fox University – Miranda N. D’Agostini

    Gordon College – Shakia P. Artson

    Greenville College – Christopher S. Swed

    Houghton College – Jennifer G. Sutliff

    Malone University – Caitlin A. McCarthy

    Messiah College – Ashley N. Stock

    Seattle Pacific University – Jordan M. Conrad

    Taylor University – Charissa J. Lucas

    Trinity Int’l University – Jonathan M. Heim

    Westmont College – Demi J. Brown

    Wheaton College – Joy S. Pettigrew

    Asbury University – Matthew C. Chisholm

    Bethel University – William J. Lee

    George Fox University – Isabella A. Freeman

    Gordon College – Stephen Capuzziello, Jr.

    Greenville College – Benjamin C. Bowers

    Houghton College – Isabeau E. Higdon

    Malone University – Thomas E. Shaub

    Messiah College – Jennifer M. Kutzner

    Seattle Pacific University – Luke W. Davis

    Taylor University – Nathan D. Pfaff

    Trinity Int’l University – Nicholas A. Brzozowski

    Westmont College – Joseph S. Bagdanov

    Wheaton College – Lee M. Nankervis

    Asbury University – Jane E. Brennen

    Bethel University – Angela J. Wu

    George Fox University – Kaylee A. Leddy

    Gordon College – Jesse R. Harris

    Greenville College – Nicole Barks

    Houghton College – Joseph D. Larson

    Malone University – Julian D. Law

    Messiah College – Elise E. Pure

    Seattle Pacific University – Erin Elgersma

    Taylor University – Kathryn G. Broersma

    Trinity Int’l University – Hannah S. Merrifield

    Westmont College – Riley K. Frambes

    Wheaton College – Bethany J. Hegdahl

    Asbury University – Kimberlee A. Tate

    Bethel University – Nicole C. Wriedt

    George Fox University – Sean Michael O’Connor

    Gordon College – Joshua S. Bell

    Greenville College – Sarah B. Meyers

    Houghton College – Megan E. Seawood

    Malone University – Alaine E. Kay

    Messiah College – Rosette B. Luko

    Seattle Pacific University – Scott W. Katsma

    Taylor University – Bethany S. Gehman

    Trinity Int’l University – Rachel M. Osborn

    Westmont College – Hannah G. Sievers

    Wheaton College – Graham R. Smith

    Asbury University – Micah H. Wheeler

    Bethel University – Erica M. Sherrod

    George Fox University – Hannah E. Fisher

    Gordon College – Rachel S. Bell

    Greenville College – Nathalia N. Jones

    Houghton College – Kelly E. Bennett

    Malone University – Amy E. Myers

    Messiah College – Christopher J. Boyd

    Seattle Pacific University – Brianne P. Hagerty

    Taylor University – Alison J. Kummer

    Trinity Int’l University – Christina D. Stidham

    Westmont College – Jena R. Erickson

    Wheaton College – Amy L. Betts

    Asbury University – Joseph A. Nunez

    Bethel University – Elizabeth A. Rale

    George Fox University – Alyssa M. Schaad

    Gordon College – Christiana A. Marsden

    Greenville College – Clifford James “C.J.” Dyas

    Houghton College – Careth L. Davis

    Malone University – Ian D. Roberts

    Messiah College – Juliann M. Grossnickle

    Seattle Pacific University – Alexander P. McCauley

    Taylor University – Alana J. Kee

    Trinity Int’l University – Natalie G. Elzinga

    Westmont College – Susanna J. Douglas

    Wheaton College – Kevin J. Woehr