Christian College Consortium Directory

  • Asbury UniversityShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Kevin J. Brown (2019)[email protected]

    1 Macklem Drive(859) 858-3511 x2110 (Ph)

    Wilmore, KY 40390-1198(859) 858-4267 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Michelle Butcher[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Timothy T. Wooster, Provost (2019) [email protected]

    1 Macklem Drive(859) 858-3511 x2500 (Ph)

    Wilmore, KY 40390-1198(859) 858-4267 (Fx)

    Assistant to the Provost

    Tricia Cairel[email protected]

  • Bethel UniversityShow Directory Entry


    Dr. James H. Barnes III (2008)[email protected]

    3900 Bethel Drive(651) 638-6230 (Ph)

    St. Paul, MN 55112-6999(651) 638-6008 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Carolyn Barr[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Debra K. Harless, EVP/Provost (2013) [email protected]

    3900 Bethel Drive(651) 638-6370 (Ph)

    St. Paul, MN 55112-6999(651) 635-1964 (Fx)

    Assistant to the EVP/Provost

    Sonia Richardson [email protected]

  • George Fox UniversityShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Robin E. Baker (2007)[email protected]

    414 North Meridian Sreet(503) 554-2101 (Ph)

    Newberg, OR 97132-2697(503) 554-2339 (Fx)

    Chief of Staff

    Missy Terry[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Linda Samek, Provost (2013) [email protected]

    414 North Meridian Street(503) 554-2141 (Ph)

    Newberg, OR 97132-2697(503) 554-3830 (Fx)

    Assistant to the Provost

    Janelle Frietag[email protected]

  • Gordon CollegeShow Directory Entry


    Dr. D. Michael Lindsay (2011)[email protected]

    255 Grapevine Road(978) 867-4898 (Ph)

    Wenham, MA 01984-1899(978) 867-4650 (Fx)

    Special Director Presidents Operations

    William Hagen[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    tbd, Provost (tbd) [email protected]

    255 Grapevine Road(978) 867-4206 (Ph)

    Wenham, MA 01984-1899(978) 867-4063 (Fx)

    Assistant to the Provost

    Jerry Logan[email protected]

  • Greenville UniversityShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Ivan L. Filby (2013)[email protected]

    315 East College Avenue(618) 664-7000 (Ph)

    Greenville, IL 62246-0159(618) 664-1748 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Regina Robart[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Brian T. Hartley, VPAA and CAO (2017) [email protected]

    315 East College Avenue(618) 664-7020 (Ph)

    Greenville, IL 62246-0159(618) 664-6841 (Fx)

    Assistant to the VPAA

    Kaylee Staton[email protected]

  • Houghton CollegeShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Shirley A. Mullen (2006)[email protected]

    1 Willard Avenue(585) 567-9310 (Ph)

    Houghton, NY 14744(585) 567-9572 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Betsy Sanford[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Paul D. Young, Dean of the Faculty and Chief Academic Officer (2019)[email protected]

    1 Willard Avenue(585) 567-9315 (Ph)

    Houghton, NY 14744(585) 567-9572 (Fx)

    Assistant to the VP/Dean

    Rebekah Brennan[email protected]

  • Malone UniversityShow Directory Entry


    Dr. David A. King (2012)[email protected]

    2600 Cleveland Avenue NW(330) 471-8121 (Ph)

    Canton, OH 44709(330) 471-8660 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Teresa Pittinger[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Gregory Miller, Interim Provost (2019) [email protected]

    2600 Cleveland Avenue NW(330) 471-8119 (Ph)

    Canton, OH 44709(330) 471-8420 (Fx)

    Assistant to the Provost

    Becky Albertson[email protected]

  • Messiah CollegeShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Kim S. Phipps (2004)[email protected]

    One College Avenue #300(717) 796-5085 (Ph)

    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055(717) 691-6059 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Kaitlyn Gehris Unger[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Randall G. Basinger, Provost (2004) [email protected]

    One College Avenue(717) 796-5375 (Ph)

    Mechanicsburg, PA 17055(717) 796-5377 (Fx)

    Administrative Assistant

    Holly Ragan[email protected]

  • Seattle Pacific UniversityShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Daniel J. Martin (2012)[email protected]

    3307 Third Avenue West(206) 281-2114 (Ph)

    Seattle, WA 98119-1997(206) 281-2115 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Ruth Jacobsen[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Laura Hartley, Provost (2020) [email protected]

    3307 Third Avenue West Suite 102(206) 281-2508 (Ph)

    Seattle, WA 98119-1997(206) 281-2115 (Fx)

    Executive Asst to the Provost

    Maliea Lowe-Hale[email protected]

  • Taylor UniversityShow Directory Entry

    Interim President

    Dr. Paige Comstock Cunningham (2019)[email protected]

    236 West Reade Avenue(765) 998-2751 (Ph)

    Upland, IN 46989-1001(765) 998-4395 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Kelli Taylor[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Michael D. Hammond, Provost (2018) [email protected]
    236 West Reade Avenue(765) 998-5200 (Ph)
    Upland, IN 46989-1001(765) 998-4395 (Fx)

    Assistant to the Provost

    Deb Carpenter[email protected]

  • Trinity International UniversityShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Nicholas Perrin (2019)[email protected]

    2065 Half Day Road(847) 317-8001 (Ph)

    Deerfield, IL 60015(847) 317-8090 (Fx)

    Executive Assistant to the President

    Jean Myers[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Don Hedges, Interim Dean of the College (2019) [email protected]

    2065 Half Day Road(847) 317-8194 (Ph)

    Deerfield, IL 60015(847) 317-8150 (Fx)

    Executive Assistants to the Provost

    Alicia Ware[email protected]

  • Westmont CollegeShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Gayle D. Beebe (2007)[email protected]

    955 La Paz Road(805) 565-6024 (Ph)

    Santa Barbara, CA 93108(805) 565-7006 (Fx)

    Executive Assistant

    Addie Smith[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Mark L. Sargent, Provost (2012) [email protected]

    955 La Paz Road(805) 565-6007 (Ph)

    Santa Barbara, CA 93108(805) 565-7006 (Fx)

    Assistant to the Provost

    Jaron Burdick[email protected]

  • Wheaton CollegeShow Directory Entry


    Dr. Philip G. Ryken (2010)[email protected]

    501 College Avenue(630) 752-5002 (Ph)

    Wheaton, IL 60187-5593(630) 752-5003 (Fx)

    President’s Assistant

    Mary Polansky[email protected]

    Chief Academic Officer

    Dr. Margaret Diddams, Provost (2016) [email protected]

    501 College Avenue(630) 752-5004 (Ph)

    Wheaton, IL 60187-5593(630) 752-7101 (Fx)

    Assistant to the Provost

    Maggie Laya[email protected]

Directory Quick Glance
SchoolPresidentChief Academic Officer
Asbury UniversityKevin J. BrownTimothy T. Wooster
Bethel UniversityJames H. Barnes IIIDebra K. Harless
George Fox UniversityRobin E. BakerLinda Samek
Gordon CollegeD. Michael Lindsaytbd
Greenville UniversityIvan L. FilbyBrian T. Hartley
Houghton CollegeShirley A. MullenPaul D. Young
Dean of the Faculty and Chief Ac Officer
Malone UniversityDavid A. KingGregory Miller
Interim Provost
Messiah CollegeKim S. PhippsRandall G. Basinger
Seattle Pacific UniversityDaniel J. MartinLaura Hartley
Taylor UniversityPaige Comstock CunninghamMichael D. Hammond
Trinity International UniversityNicholas PerrinDon Hedges
Interim Dean of the College
Westmont CollegeGayle D. BeebeMark L. Sargent
Wheaton CollegePhilip G. RykenMargaret Diddams