Student Off-Campus Programs

Student Visitor Program

For students at institutions which are members of the Christian College Consortium, spending a semester on the campus of one of the other member colleges or universities is a splendid way to enrich their collegiate experience. Seeing another part of our country, studying with different faculty members to get a fresh perspective on your major field, and interacting with students whose perspectives differ from those with which you are familiar are only a few of the probable benefits.

A given exchange is intended to last for one semester. While at the host institution, the visiting student is treated fully as a student of that institution and is subject to all of its expectations and regulations. Deadlines for applying vary from institution to institution.

Further information about the Student Visitor Program, the policies under which it operates, and an application form are all in a brochure available via the link below or from the contact person on your campus. As of 2022, only Gordon, Houghton, Taylor, and Westmont participate in the Student Visitor Program.

Dependent Exchange Program

For dependents of faculty and staff at the thirteen Christian College Consortium member institutions. The Dependent Exchange Program provides the possibility for dependent students who qualify for tuition remission to apply for tuition remission at other CCC colleges or universities. Contact: Chief Academic Officer at the home school.

To apply, a faculty or staff member must ask their Chief Academic Officer to submit an application on behalf of the dependent student to the Chief Academic Officer of the receiving institution. This request for tuition remission should be completed after the student has already applied to the receiving institution for admission, since the tuition remission request will not be considered until the student has been accepted for admission. Since most institutions review requests for tuition remission early second semester, it is wise to submit all necessary applications as soon as possible.

Since competition for these awards is often very intense, faculty and staff should not assume that if their dependents qualify for tuition remission at the home institution the award will be granted at another CCC institution.

Students in the tuition remission program should check with their own colleges to determine if and how the award might be applied to any off-campus programs.

As of 2022, Wheaton, Messiah, and Malone do not participate in this program.

Off Campus Programs
  • Christian College Consortium institutions offer numerous off-campus programs within the United States and abroad. These opportunities for intercultural experience and exposure to global perspectives are intended to challenge and equip students to become knowledgeable and responsivle world Christians.

    Here's a sampling of the numerous programs locations. You can also visit the individual institutions' off-campus programs page using the links below.

  • Study abroad with AU in Paris and China, plus off-campus programs in dozens of other countries.

  • Europe, Guatemala, South Africa, Thailand, Spain

  • South America (Bolivia)

  • France, Italy, England, China, Honduras, Greece, Israel, Sri Lanka

  • Dominican Republic

  • Australia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Europe, Croatia, Africa, UK, Mexico

  • Guatemala, Tropical Ecology, Romania, Kenya, Israel, Poland

  • Greece, Belize, New Zealand, China, Ireland, Japan, Israel, Austria

  • UK, France, South Africa, Germany

  • England, Ireland, Hong Kong, Israel, Lithuania, Spain, Ireland

  • France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Romania

  • India, South Africa, Europe, Poland, China, Middle East, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mexico, UK, San Francisco

  • Asia, Latin America, England, France, Germany, Holy Lands, Spain