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Suzanne Allison Davis, J.D., MBA (2020)

B.A. History, Political Science, Philosophy and Religion from Greenville; MBA and J.D. University of Illinois


Suzanne Allison Davis, J.D., MBA, assumed leadership as Greenville University’s acting president on May 1, 2020. She brings a wealth of experience in higher education, management, and law to her leadership role at the University.

Davis began as a faculty member at Greenville University in 2012, then transitioned to full-time administrator, beginning as former President Ivan Filby’s chief of staff in 2013. She was founding dean of the Briner School of Business and in 2017 became VP for university relations. She then served GU as executive vice president. 

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Greenville University transforms students for lives of character and service through a Christ-centered education in the liberating arts and sciences. As a Christian college, our faith commitments and our understanding about the nature of God and creation profoundly shape Greenville's academic program. The following statements of our theological assumptions and our educational philosophy were crafted by the faculty in 1995. These ideas are foundational for understanding our institutional objectives and program of general education.


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Tuition/Fees, Room and Board 2021-22

$38,608 total
(tuition/fees $29,260; room $4,498; board $4,850)

Enrollment Fall 2021-22

831 undergraduates

Degrees Offered

B.A., B.S., B.M.E., graduate programs