About: Mission Statement of the CCC

The mission of the Christian College Consortium (CCC) is to serve the cause of Christ in the world of higher education by encouraging and assisting members in the pursuit of their respective missions.

In the tradition of the liberal arts, the Christian College Consortium is a group of thirteen Christian colleges and universities located across the United States who serve more than 25,000 undergraduate and 7,500 graduate students through programs ranging from the baccalaureate to the doctoral degree. Facilitated by nearly 3,000 faculty and endowments of over $675,000,000 dollars, these communities of learning are committed to the centrality of Christ and the full exploration of the meaning and implications of faithful scholarship. The first purpose of the Christian College Consortium is to assist member institutions in the execution of that commitment.

According to historian William Ringenberg, “the organization of the Christian College Consortium in 1971 represented one of the more noteworthy efforts to facilitate the reconstruction of Christian higher education in America.” Marshalling its resources in cooperative efforts, the CCC assisted in the development of programs for both faculty and students, as well as the educational philosophy that came to be known as “the integration of faith and learning.” In 1976, it established the Christian College Coalition; a sister institution, now known as the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities, and serving over 111 institutions in North America as well as affiliates schools around the world.

Today, through scholarships, conferences and exchange programs, the Consortium seeks to encourage member institutions in the pursuit of their respective missions: supporting those who lead, equipping those who teach, and enabling those who learn. The CCC pursues its mission by creating and nourishing sustaining conversations that lead to enhanced personal and professional development, and by fostering a relational community which facilitates effective consortium collaboration.